The US vs the USSR.

From 1945 until 1991, the world’s two superpowers played a dangerous game of nuclear brinkmanship that very nearly brought human civilisation to an end. How did it start? Why did it start? How did it end? Did it end? These are the questions we are exploring in detail. 

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#217 – Tarzan

#217 – Tarzan

The big question for the Pentagon was why the US collapsed so quickly. They could blame the winter and the mountains – but the Chinese had to contend with those as well. And the US wasn’t sure what their next move was. Truman wanted a quick settlement, but MacArthur wanted escalation.

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#217 – Tarzan

#217 – Tarzan

The big question for the Pentagon was why the US collapsed so quickly. They could blame the winter and the mountains – but the Chinese had to contend with those as well. And the US wasn’t sure what their next move was. Truman wanted a quick settlement, but MacArthur wanted escalation.

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#217 – Tarzan

#216 – Not Their Best

As they are swiftly kicked out of Korea by Mao’s forces in December 1950, everyone seems to be angry at America. The Chinese, the North Koreans, the South Koreans, the British… even the Americans are angry at themselves. Because, like Mexico, they didn’t send their best people.

#217 – Tarzan

#215 – The Double Life of Katharine Clark

Today we’re talking to Katharine Gregorio, author of “The Double Life of Katharine Clark, The Untold Story of the American Journalist Who Brought the Truth about Communism to the West”. Clark was her great-aunt, a foreign correspondent who, while posted in Belgrade in the mid-1950s, befriended Milovan Djilas, the former heir apparent to Tito in Yugoslavia and author of the classic “Conversations with Stalin”, which Clark helped get published in the West, at great risk to herself and her husband.

#217 – Tarzan

#214 – “Chinese Laundrymen”

MacArthur can feel victory slipping through his fingers in Korea. He was certain the Chinese had been scared off. He was very, very wrong. His choice lay between escalation or humiliation.

#217 – Tarzan

#213 – Advancing In A Different Direction

Back to the Korean War and the Battle of Chosin Reservoir aka Lake Changjin. China and the UN/ROK forces fight in freezing cold temperatures. Well, when I say “fight”, I mean the UN forces were “advancing in a different direction”.

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Turn everything else off

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by nicknamesaretaken671 from Australia on July 7, 2019 

After listening to an informative, fact based cold war podcast I was looking for deeper analysis. Hello Cam & Ray!! Having come across this in 2019 I have had a lot of catching up to do. Doing a podcast a day (at normal speed) has made me laugh to the point I had to pull over. Listening to these guys, well mostly Cam, has been extremely enlightening. I had completely forgotten about Stalins musical exploits. The Yalta confernce…. no detail was missed over what was probably 612.7 hours of podcasting gold. No stone was left unturned including a double podcast on the political and social implications of the serviette rings at the first dinner, the in-depth discussion on the interior colour scheme of the plenary session meeting room and not play back Cams awesome Russian, American and English accents. Seriously this is worth the paltry investment. If you don’t know what part Count Dracula, a lemon tree and Chucky D played in rolling out the Cold War sign up now.. Sorry the rating only goes up to 5. Raf 
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History, mockery and occasional drinking

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by kristinsg from Norway on September 30, 2019

These folks actually make history podcasts worth listening to. A great mixture of good historical analysis and phrases like “took a dump on the whole agreement” or having “testicular fortitude”. Love it. And love the fact that they are looking at things from several sides, not the usual “the Soviets were evil and hated freedom, but America won the war and saved the day”.


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Renato.uwu from United States of America on October 5, 2019

This is my favorite History podcast. I love the dynamic and structure of the episodes. My favorite episodes so far have been the mini Fidel Castro bio and the Philippines one. They were both incredible and I also really liked the episodes on the Cambridge 5. The whole show has been very eye opening and I really appreciate the comedy as well as the work Cam puts into the show and the ocasional looks into the future provided by Ray. My one small critique is that I think they’ve taken to long to outline WWII (which is not my favorite thing to study) but I’ve managed to stick with it and am very happy I did because I’ve learned a lot that was never mentioned in school. Even so I can’t wait till I get to the end of WWII hopefully by the end of the week. Thank you very much Cam and Ray for being my teachers and for the free student subscription it means a lot 🙂 <3 !

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