This is the third podcast series from Ray & Cam. We started with Life of Caesar, then followed up with Alexander the Great.

Realizing we were still sleeping more than four hours a night, we decided to add to our workload (because idle hands do the devil’s work). Someone suggested a series on the Cold War and it made perfect sense. We both grew up under the ever-present threat of nuclear war and while Ray has a typical American perspective (America good, Russia bad, etc), Cameron grew up in Australia with a slightly more nuanced view (good and bad people on both sides, as Trump would say).


Manly Love on the Palatine Hill, Rome, 2018


We are a podcasting dynamic duo from across the Pacific who have been working together since 2013 on deep dive history podcasts on the Caesars, Alexander the Great, theĀ Renaissance Times and The Bullshit Filter. Check out The Podcast Network for a list of all of our shows.

THE AUSSIE (on the right)

Cameron Reilly was a podcasting pioneer. In 2004 he launched G’Day World, the very first Australian podcast. He was also the co-founder of The Podcast Network, the world’s first podcast network, back in early 2005. In 2006 he produced the world’s first long-form history podcast about Napoleon Bonaparte. He wrote/directed/produced a documentary about early Christianity and has written a couple of books. Find out more about him here.

THE YANK (on the left)

Ray Harris has a degree in history from James Madison University (although you’d never tell). He lives in Virginia with his family and lots of snakes, and made his podcasting bones as host of the very popular WWII Podcast. While technically not a midget, in his early 50s Ray is still able to get on the children’s rides at Disneyland. He drinks his own limoncello.